We All Need A Hero

Visuals are powerful, people need to see others like themselves to believe they can do it too for example everyone loves the idea of a hero. Heroes are strong and loved by the people they protect.  Here are some great hero’s that you might enjoy that celebrate diversity and show that anyone can be a hero.

So the latest hype in the super hero world is Wonder Woman but did you know she had a sister name Nubia. I am ready for this movie or series; this duo would be amazing.  She has only made an appearance in the comics but I have high hopes for her.

Next on my list is Luke Cage, this superhero blew up the moment Netflix put the series out. Everyone fell in love with the characters humble but brave personality.  Just like everyone else I am waiting patiently for the next season.

Now this next movie will be releasing out soon, the Black Panther has been hype to the max. Everyone is waiting them to hit the theaters.  Several well-known actors like lupita nyong’o who is an amazing woman and Nick Cannon the boy who made his big break as a drummer.

Now this one is a personal favor, Storm. She was my favorite superhero growing up, I wanted to dye my hair to look like hers as a kid and I still do.  She is a part of the x-men and is seen as a leader in the group.

This super hero is not as well-known as some of the other but she is just as good, Vixen. She recently became a part of an animated series and I am in love with the outfit.  If they were to make a movie I hope Lupita claims her role.  She has also made an appearance in the Justice league.

I do not own any of these images.

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