The 11 Types Of Christian You Will Meet.


The 11 types of Christian you will meet

  1. The Judgmental

Now everyone knows who this person in their church is, this is the person that talks about everyone one in the room. They look at you like nothing you do is right and can’t wait to find something to pick at you with. They love being a part of the church events so they can say they are an active member even though their attitude has driven people away from the church.

Number one quote “A real women always keeps her leg crossed and her skirt long.”

Likely to be located in the front of the church with a fan.


2. I Can Do No Wrong

Then you have the people that act as if sin does not affect their life and that because they read their bibles every day their way is the best way. These are the people that will pretend their past doesn’t exist and make you feel like you are not doing enough to show your faith.

Number one quote “If you just follow the path that I have walked you will be blessed.”
Sits as close as they can by themselves with the biggest bible they can find.

ch3. The Social Media Lover of Christ


Now this is a new one but a very popular type of Christian. These are the men and women who post every other day a scripture or them underlining a passage of the bible yet in person you never hear them speak a word about God and only knew they were religious because of what they post on social media.

Number one quote “John 3:16 “

On their phones all during service and stay as far back as they can so they can leave early.

4. It’s been awhile

Everyone knows that one friend who does believe in God but that is about as far as they got. They usually come to church annually on Easter Sunday. Now this group is much nicer than 1-3 but they do not study any scriptures mainly because it is just not on their mind. They tend to have a good heart but do not ask them to find a book out of the bible without the table of contents.

Number one quote “I was going to service but I had work you know I get busy”

You will need to wait for Easter Sunday to find them.

5. I Can Love The World And Jesus

I just want to make it clear, not everything in the world is evil but you know what worldly things are wrong for you. But there is always that group in church that you honestly wonder why they come because they love going clubbing, drink abundantly, and will cuss you out over a church parking spot. Yet they come to every bible study, convention, choir practice and etc. This type of Christian confuses me the most if you want to go clubbing on a Saturday night do not ask to lead devotion in the morning. I know the struggle is hard I do wrong too but I go to church and mind my own business until I can get myself right before I go sing in the choir to tell people about Jesus.

Number one quote “ Only Jesus Can Judge Me.”

They always sit in the middle of the church near the aisle to cheer on the choir.

chur6. I Just came for Jesus

Now this is the Good Christian that will do their best to lead you right, yet there have been dealing with 1,2, and 4 for years and are getting sick of it. They are the ones that will welcome you and try to tell you what their church is about only if you seem interested. This person will sit quietly and listen to the word, talk to the preacher for a little then go home. If they see you are trying your best they will offer their help when needed because at their core they do truly want to help but there is too much foolishness going on in the church for them to want to deal with.

Number one quote “Are you alright sweetheart”

They sit near the front in the middle ready to shout Amen.


7. I’m in need

Everyone struggles but there are always those people who always need financial help. They never give but are always ready to take. They come to all the social meeting for the food and act as if they are entitled to it. This person is not mean but they are too selfish and always got a testimony.CCH

Number one quote “The devil is busy”

They will be the one with 3 bags sitting on the pews taking up space.

8. Fire and Brimstone

This is the most miserable Christian you will find. They want to follow every word of the bible to the max and believe anything beside the bible is a sin. They are extremely hateful people which is old because most people would agree that Jesus wanted us to love each other but to them if you are not Christian you are evil and should be hated. Do not trust these people they are the worst type of human. `

Number one quote “The one law I will follow is God’s the rest can burn.”
Will be in the very first row and always looks back when they hear any type of sound also drives the church van.CCCC

9.My life is Good


When a person truly does their best to keep away from the idiocy of the world they tend to have joy. Sometimes people like this may seem too simple but they are following Jesus in their own way. They do not enter the troubles of this world because they do not want to fight and stay in their bubble. They will never support what they know is wrong but they will not help make things better either.CCC

Number one quote “Ain’t God Good.”
They go to whatever sit is open near their friends.

10. The Backbone

In every church there is those two couples that help the church from falling apart. They are what you hope a Christian would be, they stand firm in their belief but do not make you feel down when you are doing wrong. They organize all the meetings and try their best to get people to come. They will most likely be found by the pastor’s side because he trusts their judgement.

Number one quote “It good to see you this morning, have you thought about coming to the Church picnic next Tuesday. “
Probably doing devotion but will sit next to the church mother afterwards.

CCCCC11. Learn from me

Now this is one of my favorites, this is the old woman with a loving smile. She was a wild one when she was young but changed her ways later in life. She hopes to give wisdom to the youth so they do not go through what she did. She gives everyone she meets a smile and loves reading the daily scripture for church.

Number one quote “Hey baby, how you doing.”
You will find her cooking downstairs for after service lunch.


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