10 Types of Warriors in the Black Panther


  1. Nakia: The fighter with a good heart            MOTHERLAND_EW_Spread.40.fin.JPG                                                                      This is one is a favorite for many, Nakia. She is the person that showed her loyalty could never be challenge for doing what is right. She believed in staying true to the throne but she refused to let that type of thinking cloud her judgement in doing what is right. She is also shown to care about the outside world which was also against the teachings of Wakanda. She is also shown to be the strongest of her clan when the challenges were taking place but that doesn’t make her any less feminine being a warrior. Her heart was always in the right place.
  2. Killmonger: The aggressor with a strong will.                                                                 This is one of the best antagonist I’ve seen in the marvel movies. This was a man that had dealt with much suffering in his life. He was left to defend and fight alone never depending on anyone. This made him strong but equally as cold hearted. You untitledtruly see how cold his heart is when he shoots his own partner who earlier could be seen as his lover. He was the person who wanted to do all the right things but in all the wrong ways. Some of us want to do the right thing but it just won’t work the way we hope. Some of us are always in trouble even when we don’t mean it.
  3. M’Baku: The strong but perceptive.                                                    Reactions-MBaku-Black-Panther-Movie                               Now this guy is pretty unique to the storyline. He is presented as strong and unwilling to back down, however we are shown that he is actually a light-hearted guy who likes to have fun and will let reason change his decision. He did not appear to like T’Challa unlike most other clans. If he does not want to listen to your foolishness he will shut you down.  M’Baku a tough guy with a very big heart and the audience is loving it.
  4. Okoye: The loyal and independent.                                                                                                                            Now this is a woman who will always stand her ground. Once she has decided on something she will not move even when her feelings are going in another direction. Her will power is a force greater than many soldiers. However, we can see that her commitment can cloud her judgement. Yet, in the end she will do what is best for her nation.
  5. W’Kabi: The hardhead.                                                                                                         Now this guy personally was not a favorite due to his position. He seems to have a good heart but his heart is easily changed when overcome with revenge. He is the most average of all the main characters. His people follow his lead with confidence showing great leadership. In the end, he will do what is best for his people yet can be swayed into the wrong path by charismatic people.
  6. Shuri: The cute and intelligent.                                                                                             27573792_248417955698309_7909158069148319744_nShe takes knowledge is power to a whole new level. She is not one for tradition and has no interest in it. She likes to keep things light-hearted but also understands when it is time to fight. She is not afraid to show others her work because she is not interested in glory. It’s nice to see someone so full of grace, brains, and love.
  7. Ramonda: The Prideful but Loving.                                                                                   Now many of you may wonder how the queen is a warrior. If you know the comics tumblr_ot07fvkY5h1uxae82o1_500then you know storm had relations with one of the black panthers. It is possible that the Queen may be a mutant. When they were on the run she was shown to have snow colored hair. It may be just a style choice or she could be storm. She deals with grief well with just losing her husband and her son. We also see that she does not scold her daughter for not wanting to take part in traditions which is a major role, being the princess. She lets her children be who they are instead of restricting them to certain roles being royalty. The king keeping secret from her just proves how much she cares which is why he kept it to himself. She is the one who acts proper to be a role model for others while not being afraid to take action herself.
  8. N’Jobu: The wise but irrational.                                                                                                 untitled-2.pngI would have loved to see more of the character however there was enough to understand how he felt. He wanted to make a change but was impatient. He did not understand what strength he had. Have you ever wanted to change something so bad that you were willing to do anything to make it happen? After seeing so many wrongs done to the people by society, he became like them and wanted to do things like his enemies would which affected what type of man he was. His choice caused the death of his own people. But his heart was in the right place. This is the person you know is smart but seems to make a lot of bad decision socially.
  9. Zuri: The Dependable.                                                                                                           This is probably one of the only people who do not have six pack in the movie. His heart is full of confidence and would not change his ways. He was the type to watch & listen. He also would give his life if it meant he could save another. This is the guy you could tell your secrets to and know they would be safe.
  10. T’Challa: The king.                                                                                                                  This is a man with a lot on his shoulders. He likes to make sure that his circle is always protected but does still worry about others. His point of view is set on a one way path but like M’Baku will change his ways due to the people around him. He is a good man that still needs guidance which he gets from the ones that he loves. He knows how to surround himself with good people which is a talent many do not have.black_panther_still_14I do not own any of these images.

The Transition from school to Prison


Our public schools are falling into a dangerous situation that can only lead to our education system turning into a prison. The transition is slow but noticeable if you look at how the system is operated. Sadly, the increase deaths from school shootings are encouraging this process. I can show you just how this is happen and it is going to make you reconsider more security in schools.

What is a teacher’s true responsibility?

One of the most rewarding careers emotionally you can do is become a teacher. Teachers are the most influential people in many children’s lives. Eight hours a day five times a week, children are in the care of teachers. The amount of school shootings every year rises. This is a painful truth that America does not know how to respond to. These are some of the first statements that are always asked.

  1. Why didn’t someone speak up about their behavior?
  2. Do we need more gun control?
  3. Do we need more guns?
  4. Was he mentality ill?
  5. Someone should had seen the signs, where were the teachers.

People wonder if the teachers are not paying enough attention to see these signs. What they don’t seem to understand is the daily pressures involved when dealing with their students. The definition of a teacher is one that teaches or one whose occupation is to instruct. However, America has seemed to forgotten this fact. The sole purpose of a teacher is to education their students to the best of their capability in the time given to them. But now they expect this already low-budget career to pick up the stack of other occupations. So what are a teachers true responsibilities?


Should I die for you?

This topic comes up often when a school shooting has happen. Should teachers be expected to risk their lives. Many times you will see stories about the teacher who took the bullets hoping to give their students a chance or the janitor who runs to tell everybody to get out when they knew they wouldn’t survive. What it means to be a teacher is changing. This year alone there has been over 10 school related shootings.

The death of a child is hard to watch and no one would want to bear witness to such an event. Every year the amount of school shooting rises. So who do they look to in order to handle the situation, The Teacher! That is simply just an unfair burden to place on people who are already supposed to risk their lives. Many of the situation involve a former student. People actually think that a teacher someone who is expected to guide children into the future should be prepare to kill one when needed. Emotionally, this is a terrible idea and it is no good financial either. America’s educational system has always had to deal with cuts including teachers’ pay.

There is no money left over to make such a proposal happen. If one of the teachers makes a mistake and accidently harms a children the district will pay thousands of dollars for endangerment of a child. There are good teachers, but there are a lot of bad ones as well. There is no way to guarantee that teach won’t lose it and do something awful themselves.

So what was my point in all of this, teachers are not angels. We cannot expect to solve all of these problems by making it there job. That is just adding another piece of tape to an overworked machine. We should not pressure teachers to own guns when they already have given up so much. Teachers with guns is just one step closer to a prison facility.

The Parent

Depending on the area many parents spend their time working just to give child what they need. Then there are the children that come from broken homes making schools the only place they can be notice. When children come to school they are expected to sit and focus for seven hours against their will. Now when I say against their will what I am referring to is the fact that most children are up before the sunrise to get ready for school. Then others are forced to wear specific clothing to make everyone look the same. Then the student study every subject each day and repeat. The system of America’s school are set up in a way that makes it feel like there is no sense of freedom. During this time the teachers are expected to monitor the students and make them behave. The school system is a form of structure but when the home front in a battleground the students come to class with crazy attitude because that was the only thing they were shown. This is one of the roles teachers are expected to take, the parent.

Guidance Counselors

Now the role counselor has been one of the biggest things expected from teachers. Counselor help many get over past or current pain and decision. Another old problem the schools have ignore are bullies. Now in every teen movie the bully is some future looking low life that are good at homework AKA nerds. Or there is the popular guy that is full of his self that goes home to any abusive father. Somehow with an average class of 20 to more student. Teachers need to intervene in every situation that turns south. But that is just not how reality works. The bullies or the ones on the receiving end are not the other ones suffering. Most of the students are confused on who they are and struggle to be themselves. Also the need to show the student how they should behave has somehow shifted to the teacher. That alone is a full-time job. Children are full of pure emotions that are expressed in many different ways. As seen in the rises of suicides and school shooting the children need guidance that is not currently being given. This is the next role expected to come from teacher.

Job Coach

Once a student is 18 they are expected to either continue their education or find a job. Learning how to support yourselves is one of the most value lesson of life. Many students do not understand what they want to do? It is not an easy choice to make even adult struggle with understand what they should do. Now I do believe that there should be teachers just for planning out future possibilities, yet currently we are lacking in such programs. Every teacher will tell you that student often as why learning this or that would be productive. Student are concern about how useful they are in the actual world and not just in the classrooms. Teachers have limits on how they can present the material given to them yet this is something most expected teacher to be able to answer.

Will we allow Americas school to become prison?

The more you look into how the school system has change the more it becomes apparent. The teachers are being encourage to take up arms, the student are forced to wear a required outfit, once you are they you cannot leave at any time unless certain circumstances have occurred, and if you do not show up you can be prosecuted by law. Letting teachers have guns will only be the start to changing what school is supposed to be and we should not let that happen.

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