5 Reason Why Job Searching Is Such a Pain

So you wake up one day and decided you are going to find a new job. At first the idea of all the new possibilities you could do sound fun but after a week or so you begin to wonder what is your worth? There is just so much out there that it may even have you considering moving to make more money. This is why I have made a list of five reason job searching is such a pain

  1. Resumes

A resume is the first thing every job uses to figure out who you are. While some people are amazing at presenting themselves in a few words other are not. Trying to rewrite your resume to please the company can be a pain because you need to do you research to try to find simple information like the name of the person you are sending it too or what previous experience do you have to suit the job. Overall, no one enjoys making an essay.

2. Do you qualify?

If you have recently done any job searching then you know that almost all jobs expect you to experience in that area. For certain areas this is a fair expectation but for an entry level position this just seems unreasonable. If the job is for an entry level position why would it be expected for you to already have work in a field that you are just starting in?

3. Picking the location

So you find what sounds like your new dream job with all the benefits and salary requirement that you want but there is just one problem. The location is so far from home that you will either be preparing for a long commute  or you are considering moving. Moving is a hard choice or may not be an option for some due to medical or maybe this just would be too much for the children. However, now that you know it is there you cannot help but wonder if you should apply. You begin to dig deeper into the company to see if it is possible to make this work. In the end it give you a big headache because you and not sure if you want to change your lifestyle just for this job.

4. Trying something new?

After working in the current field you have you begin to realize that you want to do something different. So you check out Indeed just to see what is in your neighborhood and you realize there are many different fields you may want to try. The next step would be to narrow down the list but because these are all new to you that becomes harder than you originally thought. Not to mention that each day new ones keep popping up and the ones you saw before have disappeared from the list. Having choices can be a great thing but it can almost make it harder to pin down what it is you are actually looking for.


We all struggle with the fight against our own fears. Have you ever saw a job and thought you were not good enough to get in but then you do and you realize that you were more then qualified for the job after getting use to your new task. Fear can hold you back from getting the job you deserve because you think you are not good enough. Do not limit yourself because you don’t think you can handle something, if you are willingly to give it your all and study what your duties are then there is no reason why you should fail.






Overall, the goal here was not to discourage looking for work but I do believe we should admit that looking for work is a full time job in itself especially when you know you have bills. So always make such you are prepared for the jump before you do it.



How Family Values Is The Best Financial Choices You Can Make.

In many countries leaving home before marriage is a great insult to your family. At first you may think this sounds silly but family values like this greatly increase financial savings. Now I know many of us assume that living at home with your family is a sign of lacking revenue but in reality it is an investment. How you might ask, well I’ll show you.

Your parents work their whole lives so that they could support you and your siblings but now that you can support yourself your first thought is it is time to move. But is that really the best option or is that what you have seen others do and believe it is time for your independence. Once you move out that means you have an electric bill, gas bill, rent, water, bill, phone, bill and the list can go on depending on your spending habits. So with that new job you just got that may be paid between 12 to 15 an hour are you really ready to take this battle on all by yourself?

Just think about it for a moment. If you have the option of staying at home that is an amazing gift you can utilizes to your advantage. What I mean by taking advantage of the situation is that you should do your part in whatever agreement you have with your family whether that is food or a bill but in the end the cost is much cheaper then going out on your own. Money is power so save it while you are young. Living at home makes it possible to save almost half of every check while still having fun. And remember it is not like you need to do this forever if you did this for just 2 or 3 year just think about how many zeros you can have in your account, in a good way.

The economy changes all the time so having full grown adults that are capable of dividing the bills so that no one needs to struggle is an opportunity we are not doing more of. However, none of this is possible with out having family values. We continue to disregard the importance of family and that will destroy us in more way then one. We are not strong on our own but together we can invest in ourselves and build a better future for the next generation.

In our current economy many run to taking out mortgages that can last a lifetime. Why does getting your dream home need to involve going so far into debt. If you truly want to buy that perfect home you should buy what you can afford so look into your options and stay at home until you can pay for it at once because the longer it takes to pay for something the more money the banks can take from you. We must bring family values back into our homes because we will not survive without it.


Why Are Church Offerings So Important ?

Have you ever wonder what happens when you give your money to the church? After being born and raised in the church for 21 years I began to wonder what is it that actually happens when I gave my money almost every Sunday. Of course their are the basic expenses for the up keeping of the church but what happens after that? From my experiences the answer to that is not a good one.


Almost every 4 months if not more my family had to go to a convention.  These conventions would be hosted in high priced hotels and would take 3 hours to get to the location. Then once we finally get their we had to do our fees for coming which ranged from 25 to 55 dollars a person. Then every night we had 2 to 3 offerings so that they may reach their goals. What happens to all the money that is collected from the combined churches in the districts. For starters all main member of the districts board fees are covered by the funds of the event. Then the fees for renting out the hotel need to be covered. But then what is next?

I have watch many fundraiser just for having the funds for going to these event but what was the purpose? We would host car washes and bake cookies just so that we could learn about Jesus in a hotel ? Would Jesus approve of us putting money towards events that had nothing to do with him in this name. Jesus was born in a barn so I find it hard to believe that any of his sermons would encourage spending your money at a hotel to hear his messages.

Your Home Church

People always assume that the churches uses its money to help others in need but is that actually the case. Churches do not have to pay taxes on any money given to them. So with that extra boost they should be able to fund all sort of programs in their communities. I believe church finances should be public for everyone to see. Many saints give their money because they believe that this is giving the lord what he deserves. Their offerings were meant with good intentions even though they do not actually get to see were their money is going. I do not believe that these documents should be a private concern if everyone is add to the pile then all of the saints should have a right to know. This would be a great way to know if the church you’re going to is actually helping the community or is their main concern building that churches name. I challenge you to go and see what it is your church does with its money.

5 Ways Our Society Still Profits Off Unethical Businesses.

As far as human rights are concern, we suck at it. Even now countless business use the most unethical of practices to the point that they are crimes against humanity.  If you don’t believe me just look at some of the bills recently brought to congress from wicked profit making practice.

1. Non-Profits Making A Profit

Did you know that Goodwill is nothing more than a man that convince people to give their clothes for free so that he could sell them for a profit. Due to the overwhelming evidences from non-profit companies bookkeeping not adding up the SUN Act was introduced. This is the Sunlight for Unaccountable Non-profits Act and its goal is in the name. Non-profit companies will need to make their transactions public information so people can see where their money is going when they are trying to find charities that do good work.

2. Prisoners for Profit

When most people think of prison they assume these are government ran to insure that people do their time. What most people don’t realize is the prison industry is actual a very profitable business. Prison are being privately owned and this causes all types of legal problems. The End For-Profit Prisons Act goal is to end the contracting of federal prison facilities.

3. Big Business Loopholes

You always hear congress talking about getting rid of the loopholes in policies that give the rich even more profits and their is almost nothing you can do about it. There is currently the Close Tax Loopholes That Outsource America Jobs Act but it probably will not make it. So big business can take the jobs away and keep the profits from it.

4. Slavery Still Going Strong

Yup, you saw that right we are still dealing with the issue of slavery in 2018. Sadly slavery affects many children because they can not fight for themselves and no one else wants to fight for them. This is not a myth slavery is still happening and we need to get rid of it now. Congress recently brought up the Raising Awareness of Modern Slavery resolution but that is not enough. We need to start doing more research as costumers buying products so we do not fuel this evil.

5. Bleeding Students Dry

It is no secret that college is a mountain of debt just waiting to happen to the current and future generations. What school are doing to some students is just not right. How is it that some one around the age of 18 that has probably never had a job is suppose to be prepared to going into thousands of dollars of debt. We need to be reasonable and stop raising the price every 3 months. This has brought about the Students Before Profit Acts to help keep these student from a lifetime of debt.

How did this happen

You may be wondering how some of these actions are taking place and you will not like the answer. Anything can become a business and once that happens money is the only concern. We need to stop making everything into a business or everything around us will only be about the money and that can never cause good.

If you would like to check out more about these bills go to http://www.govtrack.us


5 Bills You Should Support If You Believe Children Should not suffer.

1. Protecting Children From Identity Theft Act

This bill would reduce the prevalence of synthetic identity fraud for children. This means that no child will have to be concern about having a bill in their name from scammers or parents using their children due to bad credit.

2. Limiting LEAD in Children’s Food Act

There is a certain level of lead that is allow for Children’s drinks.  The bill would make the maximum level of lead for fruit juice beverages be no higher than the amount permitted in a bottled water. I just want to make it clear that lead is poison for the human body if too much is consumed.

3. Safe Chicken and Meat for Children Act

This would stop the serving of any meat or poultry products process in China for school lunches because it does not meet the minimum nutrition conditions. We shouldn’t need to fly food our the way across the world for schools.

4. Anti-Lunch Shaming Act of 2017

Can you picture a hungry child going to lunch knowing that they do not have enough to pay for a meal.  Well this bill can stop that from ever happening to a child. It is not a kids responsibility to support themselves and this act will make sure they can eat whether they have money or don’t have it.

5. Child Marriage Prevention Act

Due to research showing that child marriage are still happening in the United States the bill has been introduce to prevent anyone under the age of 18 from marriage. Yes, it is 2018 and we are still dealing with the issue of child marriages.

Overall, as you can see there is still a lot of work to do as far as human rights go. This list alone shows what type of nation we live in if allowing certain levels of poison and child marriages are still debatable topics instead of being crimes against humanity.


5 Reason Why You Should Start your own Business.

Do you want to be your own boss or are you going to continue to sell you lifespan away? Now, there is nothing wrong with working under some one if you are doing something you enjoy. But wouldn’t it be nice to make your own hours and keep all the profits. If you need more convincing I give you 5 solid reason why you should start you own business.

1. Economic Growth

Did you know that 99% of jobs in America come from small business according to the SBA. Think about that because these people had a dream they have cause the building of the U.S. current job industry. Small business do thrive and this just proves how much it does.

2. Money, Money, Money

Now, you may not be the next Bill Gates but who needs that much money anyways. If you create a company you take in all the profits. There is only so much you will make working for someone else but this route makes you profit margin unlimited. Start small and work your way up.

3. On Your Time

Some of us just struggle to show up on time for work.  We don’t mean it but it does happen. However, if you had your own set up then the only one accountable is you. You set your schedule the way you want it an no missing out on some ones birthday because you had to go to work.

4. Future Generations

Money is power and that fact will ever change. If you start a business and past it down to you children you are handing them the power to live their own life. Their has always been discrimination against certain groups and political ideas and your job can effect you from truly expressing yourself out of fear.  Owning a business is freedom from outside forces making you silent or threating you out of a job.

5. Working For Yourself

If you are work under someone else’s project you are furthering their dream. That can be a beautiful or discouraging thought depending on what type of work you do. However, what about your own dream. No matter who you are everyone has a dream at some point in their lives but only certain people will reach for it. You should strive to leaving your own mark in this world because then you can past on what you have started to your children and so on. You just need to set a small goal over and over until one day you look up an notice the company you have build.

I too have decided to start my own business here are pictures of my work. I might be starting small but I am dreaming big. Check me out on Esty #ShineBrightlyDesign

5 Church Habits That Drive People Crazy

1. Taking Offering Round 2

No matter what church you go to I can guarantee that there will be an offering. They say you should always give your 10 percent as the bible tells us to do. Though growing up in a predominately black church I knew many in the church due to church gossip that were already struggling in their finances and just didn’t have it. Yet, the pastors would continue to encourage them to give their last dime because you must give the Lord what he deserves first if you want things to get better. However, as far as I am concern if you gave what you could give then you did your job even if they did not make their goal offering for the night, that is not your problem because the Lord is not a show that you are paying to see.

2. The Pastor Who Won’t Stop

Some pastors just seem to refuse to sit down. We need to draw the line between when they are speaking the word of God versus when they just want to talk.  Now no one can truly say whether the Lord put it on their heart but from what I have seen in the Bible the Lord will speak only a few words at a time and then he is done. So the next time your pastor takes over an hour just to get his point across make sure it is God guiding them and not them enjoying the spotlight.

3. The Elderly & Angry

Every church has those few people that have been in the church all of their lives and it must had driven them crazy because you almost never see them smile. These are the saints that have a assigned seat that can not be used by anyone else because it would be deem disrespectful. All they do is yell at the children for every moment they make and drive everyone else crazy too. Yet the church will not say a word.

4. Are You Save Yet?

Don’t get me wrong if you want to get save I am happy for your choice. However, why is it that on several occasion the pastors will ask if you truly think you will go to heaven. They also seem as if they are trying to make you doubt yourselves on whether you are actually saved. If you know that person is doing wrong then you just have to let God show them the way. No one should guilt trip you into salvation because it is so much more than that. To become save this must be a choice of your own will and God will not accept any less.

5. Social Groups in Church

Just like any other place were people gather, their are groups.  Sadly, there are many churches that have a high school atmosphere about them. Everyone has their usual they will talk too and then leave out the rest. Then they will complain later about no one wanted to help around the church and that everyone is too busy doing worldly things when they didn’t even ask for help. Churches must see that this type of separation makes people not feel included.

These are 5 ways the church drives people crazy and I do blame them.


Why Does America Fight Innovation But Supports Big Business

Where are the flying car?

Did you know that the first electric car was invented in 1832. Obviously this model was not very functional but the concept was there. Inventors were able to remake the car until it was more useable however wide spread electricity was still catching up making gas cars the prime choice. As time pasted, the U.S. has been able to put electricity in almost every home making it much more reasonable for the electric car to finally make its début. What a great step forward especially since this was around the time that gas prices were sky high and concerns on global warming are finally being recognized as a serious problem. So how come it is 2018 and only 3% of cars sold are electric? Why is this happening, because the Gas companies completed destroy the electric car industry.

In the 2000’s General Motors released there line of electric cars. However, the company decided in 2003 to take away every electric car that they had ever made and even made the statement that there was no market for these car so they took back every single model. So why did they do it? Because they knew that if the car was to become popular the sales would rival gas cars. The moment the gas and car companies killed the buying of the electric car they stop the possibilities of innovation. Gas is not a renewable resource and one day we will run out. Depending on a source of energy that is not reusable is setting up the nation to fail especially when that main resource involves transportation. Not only that but with time new ways of transportation would come to light that may finally bring us to the flying cars we were suppose to have. The flying car may be a bit of a stretch but we did put a man on the moon so this nation has always dream big and we shouldn’t let those dreams be stomped of by greedy business men.

Solar Panels

Imagine the day when we can use the sun to power our homes, well that day already happen. If I told you I could power your house with a panel that absorbs the sun would you try it out? Well in several states they thought it would be worth it but yet again some one else realized that this would not be good for profits.

In Nevada, lobbyist have mange to convince congress to set a limitation on how much of this energy is allowed to be used and will enforce punishment if the limits are exceeded. Again we are putting a cap on the progress of Americas future. We can not under estimate the hold major companies have on congress. Our future are being shaped by greedy businesses that do not care what the side affects of their actions will do to future generations. If we continue this path, we will fall behind even more nations as places like Japan and South Africa used renewable resources as the key to their future. We must accept change in order to allow innovation to prosper.

Is Being An Extreme Cheapskate Resourceful Or Abusive?

If you have ever watched an episode of extreme cheapskates on TLC then you have seen just how far people will push to save a dime. When you see some of the techniques they will use, you at first think, wow that is a good way to make a dollar go far. However, it does not take long to see that some of their actions are highly questionable.

One example was a family on the show that saved money on the water bill by having one bath of fresh water then rotate instead of changing the water. My first thought was what in the world. Any natural reaction would know that reusing dirty water to save water is disguising especially knowing the children are forced to live this lifestyle. Then I began to wonder if what they were doing qualified as child abuse.  If children are in extreme unsanitary condition they can get taken away. None of these children even get to sleep in separate rooms as they later mention that they all share one room to save on heat. Their is nothing wrong with living on a budget, but at what point are these habits a form of abuse. The more you watch the show you begin to notice that there are three different type of cheapskates on the show.

One form of cheapskate is the “just on the edge of stealing” cheapskate. This is were the person does something to save money that is within the limits of legal but to anyone with common sense it is cheating someone else of their money. One example was the man who went to an ice cream parlor and took 4-6 cups of samples then did not buy anything. This is not a way of being cheap this is just another form of stealing that just is not worth the other person time to sue over. This man not only took up this man’s time to serve other but stole ice cream with no sign of remorse. These people have a business to run and if everyone did what he does these people would go out of business leaving them in debt and without jobs.  The actions of these types of cheapskates is not ok and should be shamed because this is not living on a budget this is taking want you want because you feel you have the right to it.

Another form of cheapskate is the “addict” the more common one. The actions of a addict cheapskate can be a mix of all three forms. One lady on the show proclaim that she was a 3rd generation extreme cheapskate, this has been the only way she knows how to live. She does not see a need to pay for anything that see owns. She was willing to go as far as taking medication from out of a dumpsters while pregnant. No matter how much research you do on the meds, there is no guarantee way to determine whether those pills are what you expected them to be or they may be expired since they were put in the trash. She can not stop herself from this type of lifestyle because she has never lived any different and the people that are around her do not expect her to change but rather adjust to her way of life. This woman did have a partner who did not grow up in this lifestyle but eventually became addicted as she was even to the point where he quotes her feelings about dumpster diving.

Lastly the resourceful, now this is the ones I enjoy to watch the most. The way the go about their cheap habits will actually make sense to many. There was a mother that showed how she made her own baby wipes and used old t-shirts for diapers.  This is a smart and probably safe way to take care of your child with issues popping up everyday when is comes to baby products. There are so many creative ways you could save money and enjoy life.

In a world where the amount we waste is destroying the eco-system, making your home daily house products will help teach you handy skill sets and be better for the world. Yet, one thing you would assume all of the people on this show would be doing but don’t is garden. Even though some of these people are cheap as dirty many will not grow there own food which is extreme odd knowing that they will do anything they can to cheat out a business in whatever they can get. Overall, many on this show are not about saving a dime but that they feel like they should have the right to get what they want at what price they think it deserves which is selfish and unreasonable behavior.

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