What They Are Not Telling You About Coronavirus, Top 5 Dangers To Come!

Survival of the Fittest?

Lets be honest America, most of us are not that healthy. Everyone keeps repeating that only the old and weak will suffer from the Wuhan virus but do you understand how many are weak in this nation well I’ll list it out for you.
Morbidly Obese
Heart Disease

This is just the people in the top 10 common problem already existing and I bet that you know one person with one of the problems. So I ask again is letting the weak suffer still seem like a small number.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Even though we are known as a first world nation most are living check to check in America. Businesses are taking the biggest hit seen ever. Many are out of work but that doesn’t mean the bills get to stop. So what do you do kick people in the streets for not being allowed to work? This won’t be a easy problem to fix even if they stop them from getting kick out at first the whole of debt they will have at the end of the day is going to crumble peoples lives. There will be a great rise in homeless when this pandemic ends.

Can You Actually Afford Treatment?

The big elephant in the room that the government is really trying to figure out is what will they do with people without insurance. This includes many everyday citizens, homeless, and the immigrants not accounted for. When they get sick who is handling the bill? Some of you might say its their fault for being in that position but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect us all. Just think, having all those homeless people dying in the middle of the street or in places like the river could poison our own water supplies or even worse create a stronger sickness that wipe out more.

Calling off Sick?

When is the last time you stayed home when you felt a little under the weather? For many they just take a pill and go to work regardless, Why you might ask well there could be several reason. Its just not that easy for most to stay home even if they feel bad, there are a lot of places shutting down recently which is making people even more concern about getting more hours which is going to burn out many before they even get sick putting them in a worsen position.

A Rational Society Crumbles

They say that most men are only a few meals away from being savages. Even though we are no where near running out of food people are buying everything they can because there is no greater fear then not eating for most. People change when they are hungry on a daily basic for example the snickers commercial. Most days you would just call them rude and move on but when you have 3 cans of pineapples sitting on the shelf at the grocery stores it get real.

Don’t forget that even normal people will kill for food if pushed to the limit.

Is The Devil Working Hard Or Are We Just Selfish?

To be human means that your life will be full of errors and mistakes that you probably don’t remember. Sometimes the problems we cause are small like accidentally knocking over someone’s lunch at work or cutting somebody off in traffic. However, each simply mistake we make in our lives has a ripple effect into someone else’s. That person lunch you knock over could had been their last dime and that person you cut off might not be a good driver and hits the brake too hard causing a car crash. So I wonder is the devil really that busy or do we do most the work ourselves.

Seven Deadly Sins

There has always been the saying that all humans possess the seven deadly sins. Each of us suffering more in certain sins base off our personality. The seven are pride, lust, glutton, greed, sloth, and wrath.


At first having pride does not seem like it would be a bad thing to have however our pride can destroy us.  When you see someone with too much pride they began to not accept others around them that do not remind them of themselves.  For example Hitler, he took pride in the idea of the Aryan race and treated anyone who did not fit the dream he had with death.  Pride is evil because it teaches you that you should never back down and that you are the right answer not matter how evil your actions are.


Humans lust after each other because it is human nature to reproduce. However, what is meant to be an act of love turns into pure selfishness. When all you do is lust after everyone in your sight people no longer trust you and the ones that try will only watch as you fail them over and over. Your lust can make people uneasy and if you can not control yourself there is a good chance you will end up with a law suit for sexually harassment. Worst you made cause the birth of several children that you probably have no intentions of taking care of because your lust is still searching for more.


Depending on your situation the action of gluttony will either drive you straight to the hospital or to poverty. This sin can take over you body faster than the others. However you can still be a nice person but all those people that do care about you watch as you eat yourself into an early grave. As food becomes more accessible more people suffer from over eating because it tastes good.


The need to want everything is common in many. Being greedy in America is so normalized that we made a holiday for it called Black Friday. The most insulting part of this is that the date is right after Thanksgiving which is suppose to be about being thankful for what you have, but Americans threw that right out the window. Though it is not surprising since this does celebrate the genocide of a whole nationality that still to this day suffers from the oppression for helping someone not die. I’m sure many of you have so many clothes that it would take you all day just to count them.


The sin of laziness. Most people do not view this sin as badly as the others but it is equally or more destructive than the others. Just think about it if the people in this world began to become so lazy that they would refuse to get out of bed or do any form of work the world would end. There are people in this world that refuse to work and this is dangerous for an economy because no one is making or buying.  Taking no action is an action.


We are all too good at wrath. Since humans have existed we had plotted to kill each other starting with Cain & Abel. We take world way too lightly in the ways it takes lives, cultures, land, and other resources that will never be the same.  During the cold war both side knew what it meant to send that missile. Such a violent act could had easily been the beginning of the end of the world. Yet both side pretend that they would push the button.  This would have murder millions and they knew this because of what had happen in Japan. To this day the land touched by nuclear warfare is not longer livable for the human race.  The idea that we still even consider nuclear warfare is enough proof that we will destroy ourselves before the devil even gets a chance.

Is The Devil Working Hard Or Are Humans Dangerous Enough?

I have been pondering this because of how we are made of flesh which is weak.  Our flesh craves in ways that will overtake us while making us feel like this is just a lifestyle choice.  Accepting that you are sick is the first step yet many will think you are the one that is sick for not doing whatever you want. The freedom we have brings us joy but is also the reason we suffer.

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