5 Church Habits That Drive People Crazy

1. Taking Offering Round 2

No matter what church you go to I can guarantee that there will be an offering. They say you should always give your 10 percent as the bible tells us to do. Though growing up in a predominately black church I knew many in the church due to church gossip that were already struggling in their finances and just didn’t have it. Yet, the pastors would continue to encourage them to give their last dime because you must give the Lord what he deserves first if you want things to get better. However, as far as I am concern if you gave what you could give then you did your job even if they did not make their goal offering for the night, that is not your problem because the Lord is not a show that you are paying to see.

2. The Pastor Who Won’t Stop

Some pastors just seem to refuse to sit down. We need to draw the line between when they are speaking the word of God versus when they just want to talk.  Now no one can truly say whether the Lord put it on their heart but from what I have seen in the Bible the Lord will speak only a few words at a time and then he is done. So the next time your pastor takes over an hour just to get his point across make sure it is God guiding them and not them enjoying the spotlight.

3. The Elderly & Angry

Every church has those few people that have been in the church all of their lives and it must had driven them crazy because you almost never see them smile. These are the saints that have a assigned seat that can not be used by anyone else because it would be deem disrespectful. All they do is yell at the children for every moment they make and drive everyone else crazy too. Yet the church will not say a word.

4. Are You Save Yet?

Don’t get me wrong if you want to get save I am happy for your choice. However, why is it that on several occasion the pastors will ask if you truly think you will go to heaven. They also seem as if they are trying to make you doubt yourselves on whether you are actually saved. If you know that person is doing wrong then you just have to let God show them the way. No one should guilt trip you into salvation because it is so much more than that. To become save this must be a choice of your own will and God will not accept any less.

5. Social Groups in Church

Just like any other place were people gather, their are groups.  Sadly, there are many churches that have a high school atmosphere about them. Everyone has their usual they will talk too and then leave out the rest. Then they will complain later about no one wanted to help around the church and that everyone is too busy doing worldly things when they didn’t even ask for help. Churches must see that this type of separation makes people not feel included.

These are 5 ways the church drives people crazy and I do blame them.


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